Erotic Romance Books

Jimmy Carlton was my brother. When he died in 2011, at what these days is the young age of sixty-eight, he left everything to me. For all the partners he’d had throughout his life, male and female, there was no-one else to leave it to. I was very happy to receive his bequest; Jimmy was a rich man and his money will make the last years very comfortable for my husband and me and our children will welcome what’s left.
One gift, though, I’m less certain about.
Jimmy knew he was dying; when I visited him in the nursing home a week before the end he gave me his laptop. ‘Don’t turn it on till I’m gone,’ he said. ‘But don’t delay after that.’
The hard disk on Jimmy’s laptop was almost empty, and I took that as his way of telling me that the three folders remaining were important and I had better read them. Everything else had been wiped clean.
Folder Number One contained a single file with instructions on where he wanted to be buried and how he’d like his death to be celebrated. The instructions involved lots of champagne and I was happy to comply.
Folder Number Two told me where all his assets were and how to make sure I got my hands on them; it also listed people he owed money to and asked me to make sure they were paid. And the third folder—the third folder contained thirty short stories, a full length book and more than a hundred photographs.
I dealt with the first folder in days and the second in weeks. I spent two years wishing I’d never set eyes on the third. At the end of that time I decided the book and the stories had to be published. I’ve made a start:





If you have a liking for erotic romance books, I hope you’ll take a look at these.

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