I think of Winging It and Pearl’s a Sinner as bookends in the sense that they are both erotic Christian romances but come from completely different places on the spectrum – opposite ends of it, one might almost say. What they have in common is that: both are available in paperback; both are available for Kindle; and – now – both are audiobooks that can be downloaded from Audible or iTunes.

One thing both audiobooks have in common is a narrator of the highest quality. Missy Cambridge did a fabulous job for me on Pearl’s a Sinner and Shannon Gunn is equally magnificent on Winging It. Each of them was right for the task – Shannon because Winging It is the story of Jimmy Carlton, who (like Shannon) was a man and Missy Cambridge because (obviously) Pearl is not just a sinner but also a woman. There’s more to it than that, though, because both narrators got to know and understand the books before they read them. The author’s dream when planning a transfer of one of their books to audio is that the narrator will “get” the book and they did. I was so delighted with their work that Shannon is now narrating my novella, A Perfect Solution and I recommended Missy Cambridge to my fellow Mandrill Press author, SF Hopkins for her erotic novel, Lovers In Their Fashion. She is at work on it now and I look forward to listening to the result.

If you’re not already familiar with these two books, you can get the flavour by listening to Chapter 8 of Winging It  and Chapter 1 of Pearl’s a Sinner.

When Shannon Gunn’s narration of A Perfect Solution is available on Audible and iTunes I’ll have the news in my newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. Whatever I say to her, Suzie Hopkins has so far not arranged a mailing list of her own (possibly because she lives in Abu Dhabi and is concerned about the reaction of the authorities there to the sort of book she writes) but you can find her blog page here and subscribe to it on the same page. If you prefer paperbacks or e-books to audiobooks, the two books are already available here:

A Perfect Solution

Lovers In Their Fashion 


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