My favourite chapter in Winging It

Winging It - D2B from Damonza 1562 x 2500

Mandrill Press was formed in 2012 by John Lynch and Suzie Hopkins. John writes contemporary fiction under his own name and historical fiction as R J Lynch; Suzie writes contemporary and Victorian erotica as S F Hopkins. Suzie introduced me to the firm last year – there are at present no other Mandrill Press writers. As well as writing his own stuff, which does not include erotica and is therefore completely unlike my work or Suzie’s, John handles all the Mandrill Press admin – in return for what he describes as a modest percentage of Suzie’s and my earnings, he briefs editors and proofreaders, commissions cover design and manages the production of paperbacks, e-books and audiobooks. I therefore tend to pay attention to what he says and when I saw this post about his favourite chapter in Zappa’s Mam’s a Slapper I got to thinking: what, in my books, are my favourite chapters?

My attention started with Winging It because Shannon Gunn has just finished narrating the audiobook version. I chose Shannon, and not Missy Cambridge who did such a fabulous job on Pearl’s a Sinner, because Winging It is written in the first person by a man whereas Pearl’s a Sinner is – obviously – a woman’s story. Shannon is also narrating my novella, A Perfect Solution, because that too is a male first person story. In the meantime, Suzie Hopkins has stolen Missy Cambridge to narrate her full-length contemporary erotic novel, Lovers In Their Fashion.

I mention A Perfect Solution because, when I thought about it, I realised my favourite chapter from Winging It was Chapter 26 and A Perfect Solution is central to that chapter. Rather than reproduce it here, I’m giving you this link so that you can listen to it. When you get there you will find that there are, in fact, two extracts. The second shows Jimmy at the point where, after a life that was dissolute by anyone’s standards, he is about to decide that he can no longer ignore the call from God of which he has been aware for some time. I call my work Christian erotica and Winging It an erotic Christian novel – this sort of thing (there’s more in Pearl’s a Sinner) is why.

I’m going to give some thought to choosing my favourite chapter in Pearl’s a Sinner – I’ll be back.

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