Erotic Christian Romance. Free Unpublished Story and a Newsletter

This just appeared on Mandrill Press’s website. For obvious reasons, I’m adding it here.

Mandrill Press is a broad church; we are not primarily a Christian or even a religious publisher. We exist primarily to publish books that are on the edge and break rules to produce fiction that people love to read but traditional publishers don’t want to put their logo on. We were formed by John Lynch, who writes contemporary and historical fiction with no erotic or religious leaning at all and Suzie Hopkins who writes what we might call “straight” erotica – that is, erotic books that may include a spiritual element but could not in any sense be called religious. However, when Suzie introduced KC (Kat) Carlton and John agreed that she could be published under the Mandrill Press imprint, they both knew that they were signing up a distinctly Christian erotic writer.

Kat wrote about what she means by Erotic Christian Romance here and there’s no need for us to reproduce the whole post. Kat discusses the issue again in Issue 1 of our new Erotic Christian Romance Newsletter. If the subject interests you, complete the Subscription Form that you’ll find here and we’ll send you the first issue. As a reward for subscribing to the newsletter, and so that you can get a feel for the kind of literature we’re talking about, we will also send you a free copy of Kat’s new story (not available elsewhere), A Choice Morsel.

Please don’t worry that you will then be inundated with emails you don’t want – you can unsubscribe at any time.

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