Tender Folds is on its way

Tender Folds cover

Tender Folds is Book 4 in the Taken By Force series. At first it will be available only for Kindle (and Prime subscribers will be able to download it free of charge as part of KOLL, the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library). The book is in Amazon’s hands right now and I hope to be able to announce its availability some time in the next 12 hours.
My editor says that Tender Folds is my darkest work so far and I think she’s right. It’s also the first and so far the only book in the series that can be described as crime fiction as well as erotica and the first (despite the Taken By Force series title) in which not all of the sex is consensual. As I hope anyone who has read Winging It and/or Pearl’s a Sinner would expect, redemption is found through the love of God, but in return God extracts the ultimate price.
Here’s the blurb:
Michael, a naïf young man with no sexual experience, is caught on the rebound by a scheming woman who tricks him into committing a dreadful crime. In the years that follow, he attempts to lead a normal life but from time to time the thing buried in his past breaks through and causes him to offend again, though afterwards he has no recollection of it – until the next time. He frees himself of his burden at last – but at a terrible price.
If you’re wondering about the title, it comes from this sentence where Michael, the protagonist (I hesitate to call him a hero, though he comes through at the end) is contemplating his next action with the young woman he has just abducted: What better than a tongue to penetrate those tender folds for the first time?
I hope to be back in just a few hours announcing that the book is now online, ready to download or borrow.

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