Almost here – Pearl’s a Sinner by K C Carlton

Pearl's a Sinner Pic with Title for Cover

If you enjoyed Winging It I hope you’ll enjoy Pearl’s a Sinner. Even if you never heard of Winging It, I hope you’ll enjoy Pearl’s a Sinner, the latest erotic offering from Mandrill Press. It will be available within the next 72 hours, at first only on Amazon but we’ll see how that goes and at the end of the three month Kindle Direct contract we’ll think about other platforms. Let me introduce the girl in question:

The day would come when Pearl would look back on her late teen years and be appalled. How could a well brought up young lady possibly have been the seething mass of erotic dreams she remembered? What sort of properly educated damsel spent her time imagining lying naked in the arms of some rampant man? Usually a man she hardly knew or even one she had never met? One day, when she was in a fulfilling relationship with her children about her, she would find the person she had been an unimaginable enigma.
ut that day was not now.
She knew that people did not see the real Pearl. She knew that in public she was seen as aloof, even a little on the prim side. She suspected (and of course she was right) that she was by no means the only young woman who presented to the world a picture of calm and propriety that completely hid the sensual reality behind it. Believing that there must be others did not help.
It was wrong. Of course it was wrong. Everything she had been taught since the moment she first understood the simplest words spoken to her told her that God saw what was in her mind. God wanted her to be pure and chaste. She lay in bed and prayed for release from these impure thoughts. She did not want her hand to stray once more beneath the waistband of her pyjamas. She did not want it. She knew what came afterwards: the sadness; the disgust with self; the fear of everlasting hellfire. A terrible death in life.
But God did not hear her prayers. She fought the fight as she always fought it and, as she always did, she lost. She lifted her bottom so that she could get her PJs down, uncovering the place she never should touch.

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