Bisexual – twice over? Does he mean me? Well, yes, actually – he does

John Lynch and I had what politicians call a full and frank exchange of views before he uploaded the latest post to the Mandrill Press website. He made it clear: if I didn’t want my innermost secrets discussed in public, it wouldn’t happen. And I didn’t. But then I thought: why not? John’s contribution to the debate was helpful. “You write about the sex that men have with women, women have with women and men have with men in a way that says, ‘This isn’t fantasy. This is real.’ You couldn’t do that if you didn’t know – if you hadn’t experienced the things you’re writing about. And readers will know that, whether you choose to tell them or not.” I thought about it and I knew he was right. So, if you’re ready for my story – here it is (and, if you like, you can sign up for my newsletter while you’re there).

(And to know more about the books, go here).


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