The Wide Spectrum of Human Sexuality

My new collection, The Taken By Force Collection Volume 1, went live on Amazon this morning. I write my own books, but I don’t write the blurb – someone else does that. I was delighted by this description:

K C Carlton’s erotic style is all her own. She writes about sex on and beyond the edges of “normal” – some might call it deviant sex. Kat explores the far places on the wide spectrum of human sexuality – the people who feel that they’d rather have been born into a different gender; the young men who long for the submissive posture; the women who want to dominate; the men and women who are as keen to possess another of their own sex as they are to cross the barrier. This collection of stories reflects most of those interests. While the title might suggest rape, that is not what the stories in Taken by Force are about – rather, they show us people (men, women, boys, girls – we’re all people) who sometimes have to be persuaded to experience what – as they discover – really meets their sexual needs.

You can find The Taken By Force Collection Volume 1 here (it’s available for purchase or to borrow from the Kindle Library:

Woman Being Watched

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