Sending your baby out into the world


Publishing a book is like seeing your child leave home. You hope it’s going to be well received and that people will be kind to it, but you know it’s a hard world out there. You’ve raised it as well as you can; now it’s going to be judged. So, it was great to see these reviews for A Perfect Solution. This one is from Amazon’s US site:

A novellete about finding oneself 14 Dec 2013
By Samuel Rafael  – Published on
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
“A Perfect Solution” by KC Carlton is another novelette I enjoyed. Our hero is a person grappling with both his gender identity and his sexual orientation. As a young man, supported by a first love to feel free to demonstrate his true feelings, he tries his hand at a female gender presentation and a lesbian sexuality. With the sudden, unforeseen and unexpected end of this relationship and after a suitable period of grieving, he eventually experiments with other lifestyles. At first a heterosexual transgender person and then a “straight” gay man, he finds pleasure in all sexualities and gender identities. Sound confusing? It’s actually quite titillating. Along the way he finally meets up with the real love of his life, only he doesn’t know it at first as he is still mourning the loss of his first girlfriend. Eventually though, he lets go of his angst and fully embraces this new love, only to have her ripped from him under the most horrible of circumstances. Eventually though, the ship of love rights itself and sails away toward a very happy and sweet conclusion.

And this is from the UK Amazon site:

Could not put this book down 7 Feb 2014
By Christopher R. Miles
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Could not put this book down until I finished it. Lovely story, both sad and happy, with conflicts that some may have found in their own lives. Cracking good story with good pace.

I knew there would be some who saw the book as challenging. When it begins, Chris is a confused young man who describes himself growing up: When you’re young, your family has certain expectations about what you will do. They may never be spoken aloud but you know what they are. For a boy in a family like mine the expectations do not include pretending you’re a girl and going to bed with men. I knew what the unspoken rules were and I wasn’t a natural rule-breaker, and certainly not in something that could excite disgust in others. That doesn’t mean I didn’t break them.

His love life includes both men and women. I suppose you might say he was a bit lost. But he finds himself, and it was wonderful to see those reactions from complete strangers and know that at least some readers reacted to his life story with warmth.

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